About FIREList

  • I'm just a random guy - with a passion.

  • The Idea

    FIREList came about because I constantly found myself Googling "financial independence blogs" and clicking the same results. Mr. Money Mustache, Go Curry Cracker, and other bloggers have (rightfully) grown an incredible following in the FIRE community. But there are thousands of other bloggers, creators, and other creatives trying to share their stories as well. I wanted to make a space for them to do just that, while helping everyone else find useful content.

    Since I'm more at home spinning up servers than I am typing out a blog post, I figured I'd make an aggregator and newsletter that collected all the best posts, articles, and other useful tools. I paid $20 for a domain and a website theme, hacked together some Google Forms, and here we are!

  • So Who Are You?

    I can't say. Right now, I'm looking to stay anonymous because I have ambitions to add my own blog to this website in the future. As much as I'd love to add my face, revealing my identity would hinder my ability to be completely transparent when sharing my own story, numbers, goals, and experiences. In lieu of a picture, you'll have to take my description of myself (tall and handsome) at face value.

  • For Authors and Bloggers

    This is the interactive part! If you're the author of a blog, book, article, tool, or other useful content related to financial independence, I want to talk to you. Just hit that "Submit" button at the top and tell me about what you do. It doesn't matter how small your site is or how many page views you get. I can't promise that I'll feature everything (I'll be trying to maintain quality standards for my readers), but I can promise that I'll do my best to drive readers to you.

    In return, all I ask is that you help me build my site too. If I feature your site, kindly give a shoutout to mine.

  • What are You Doing With My Email?

    Selling it for beer money! Just kidding. Here's what happens when you add your email. 1) It goes into a Google Form. 2) I copy/paste it into the BCC field of a newsletter approximately once per week. 3) You receive an email with some great new FIRE-related blogs and articles. That's it. I don't sell it, I won't sign you up for anything, and I certainly won't contact you personally (I don't have time for that).

  • So How Do You Make Money?

    Even if I did sell your email address, the going rate for an email is like $0.00001. So I'm not doing that. Right now, I don't make any money from this site. If that changes, it will likely be by including sponsored links to services like Personal Capital on this site or in the newsletter (a super tiny section). But I definitely won't SPAM you or send you ads. Pinky promise.