Mar 01, 2018 by FIREList

Welcome to FIREList

Several months ago, I came across a website called "Nomadlist." This site was designed for "digital nomads," people who travel the world, working from almost any location. The site had categories for finding the best cities, finding meetups or other users in the area, and other tools to help with the nomadic lifestyle.

Even though I'm not particularly interested in leaving my job and traveling the world, I thought that the style of Nomadlist could apply to one of my passions - pursuing financial independence. I am already an avid reader of Reddit's /r/financialindependence community, and have frequently followed bloggers who write prolifically on the subject.

I started FIREList to be a "Nomadlist" for folks pursuing FI/RE. There is such a wealth of information in the community that I wanted to make a platform on which it could be shared, surfaced, and used to help other members. There are thousands of bloggers sharing their stories who never get the audience that some of the more "popular" bloggers (think Mr. Money Mustache and Go Curry Cracker) get. FI/RE list can help them gain a following.

Personally, I never intended to start my own blog. However, as I read through the hundreds of posts by other FI/RE bloggers, I felt that I could share my own experiences too. I'm not a writer by any means (I majored in Computer Science); but I am passionate about maximizing my retirement accounts, and even have a few unique experiences that I think might be interesting (including purchasing a condo in NYC at the age of 25, discovering the "mega backdoor Roth IRA," and pursuing early retirement in one of the highest cost of living places in the country).

FIREList is a combination of my skills and hobbies. I enjoy creating websites, and FIREList is a way for me to do that while also incorporating my interest in FI/RE. If you want to follow my journey, please subscribe! If you're another blogger, content creator, or have something to contribute, feel free to add a submission to the site.

Thanks for reading!

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