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Interview | Marco Poetry Chen

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One of the goals of FIREList is to feature bloggers who have just started that FI/RE journey or who have just begun sharing their experiences online. Marco fits both categories, so is an apt candidate for FIREList's first interview.

Marco is a 24 year old programmer living in New York (Brooklyn to be exact), which is certainly not known for its low cost of living. Despite this, he is able to save a decent amount each year, and, through his posts, explains why he doesn't think NYC is as bad of place to pursue FI/RE as many people make it out to be.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Marco:

How did you get started with FI/RE?

I was bored. Well, I browse Reddit when I'm bored. I learn so much from the site. I think I started with /r/churning for earning rewards using credit cards and eventually made my way to /r/financialindependence. I have always been somebody who tries to do optimize everything, and I tend to get obsessed with something when it catches my interest and do as much research as possible. I knew I did not want to have the average person's life and work into my 60s. When I discovered FI/RE, I knew immediately that's what I needed to do.

What made you interested in starting a blog?

I have two main motivations for blogging. The first is to document my journey. I think it'll help me see my progress. The second is to just share the knowledge that I feel privileged to have grabbed. I want to open the eyes of friends and family. Most people can't even fathom the idea of FI/RE, and it's hard to get them on board. I think if I can show them what I'm doing, they'll be more inclined to buy into it. My hope is to get others to work towards their freedom.

What kinds of topics do you write about?

I'll be writing mostly about how to get one's personal finances in order. People haven't done the research on retirement accounts, credit, and taxes like I have. I'll even write about different ways I try to save money or make extra money. Anything in my life is fair game to be featured in my blog, but the posts will likely be related to personal finance in some way.

What's your "FI/RE number"? When do you plan to retire?

I don't really have a number, but I hope to reach FI/RE in around a decade. That'd be in my mid 30s. The number will probably be over $1 million, but we'll see.

Be sure to check out Marco's blog:

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